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Claims Policy

Handling claims with Fulton County Processing

Fulton County Processing takes tremendous pride in its ability to provide exceptional product, quality, and services to our customers. Understanding your needs is important to us and we will strive to meet those needs. As a Toll Processor Fulton County Processing realizes that it does not have full control of all steel manufacturing processes. At FCP we do and always will be vigilant in making continuous improvement our number one priority.


FCP readily accepts the challenge of the applications and influential quality improvement to the product, it is important that the customer understand our procedure regarding resolution of claims. This policy is intended to expedite fair and equitable settlement of claims. Claims will not be considered if submitted 6 months after material has been shipped.


FCP's basic quality policy calls for material value plus freight (if applicable) less scrap credit (if applicable). Any other charges are considered consequential and incidental. These charges are outside the scope of this policy. All claims must be submitted with supporting evidence. Each case is handled separately and will not be considered precedent to future claims.


FCP cannot honor a claim for rust on hot roll black, pickle dry, or other dry orders where proper loading and packaging instructions have been followed.


Claims for uncoated products that have been properly oiled will be considered only if the claim is received within thirty (30) days from date of material processed.


The attached PDF describes our standard operating procedures/claim details when slitting and pickling

material at FCP.


This quality policy is reflective of Fulton County Processing quality procedures. Should you need more information please contact us at the quality department can also be reached by calling the main number 419-822-9266 extension #154 or #162

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