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"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort."

 John Rushkin, 1819-1900

Should you have any questions regarding Quality at FCP please contact us at

Handling claims with Fulton County Processing

Quality Management System:

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures you that we have rigorously examined and documented our operation. We know our business, and will take care of your order correctly, the first time.


Parsytec Vision System is an automated vision inspection system that documents both the top and bottom of the strip surface. 


Parsytec provides Surface Quality Yield Management by:

  • Monitoring 100% of the coil surface detecting optimum defect recognition.

  • Identification of 100% of critical defects by analyzing each defect.

  • Easy defect root cause determination by analyzing any relevant defect data.

  • Quality validation by documenting and archiving the coil quality data.

Fulton County Processing employees do extensive testing and analysis to ensure that every job reflects high product standards and quality tolerances. Fulton County Processing has quality control defect reporting which includes:

Testing Services:

  • Rockwell Hardness testing

  • Tensile-yield testing                                               

  • Quality tracking

  • Thickness measurement system

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